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The Lunch Box Deli is located on Aberdeen Proving Ground where we serve those who are the backbone of our nation’s security. From Soldiers to Department of Defense Contractors and Government Employees, these are our customers. Due to the sheer number of employees on this post the Garrison is requesting that those who can tele-work do so for an undetermined amount of time. Unfortunately, this leaves a small business like ours to search for ways to protect the lively hood of our business and our employees. We have heard from many concerned customers in regards to how we might ride this crisis out. While brainstorming, it became evident that during this time of need, we with the help of our customers and the community could provide an avenue for those who would like to give back to those individuals that are on the front lines of this very crisis. 

In order to do so, we need your help. Please consider participating in our Feeding Our Heroes Campaign. During this time when we are unable to serve our regular customers our employees will prepare lunches for area hospitals, urgent care facilities, skilled nursing facilities, and many other first responders. Your generous contribution will allow hundreds of first responders to eat a decent meal when options are extremely limited. If you would like to sponsor a first responder you will find below the many ways you can participate:

Pay it Forward: Are you an employee on APG who frequents the Lunch Box? Estimate the number of lunches you buy for yourself per week and donate those lunches to a first responder.

Sponsorship: Are you a local contractor who would like to donate a specific dollar amount to contribute to our program. The cost of one lunch is $10 and includes a sandwich, salad or wrap as well as a bag of chips, drink and a cupcake.

Donation: Are you a local community member who would like to just do your part? Consider buying a lunch for a local responder.

Volunteer: Depending on the success of our program we may need volunteers to deliver lunches to facilities. Interested? Email us at [email protected]

Please note it is the Lunch Box’s discretion as to where meals are distributed.

Meals will be delivered to First Responders in the areas of Baltimore, Cecil and Harford Counties.

If you would like to donate 20 or more lunches to a facility of your choice please contact us directly at [email protected]

Would you like your facility to be the recipient of our program? Please contact us at [email protected]